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Rapid Business Assessment & Roadmap 

Today we are faced with a rapidly changing business landscape that is proving to be at best, extremely challenging, and at worst, deeply destabilizing for many retailers, consumer product and cannabis companies.

A structured roadmap to update revenue models, successfully reduce costs and improve cash management is the right point to (re)-start addressing these challenges.


RBAR is our playbook to help sponsors arrive to such roadmap in just a few weeks by pulling from extensive experience, data analysis and best practices RBAR can help owners identify value creating opportunities across the different stages of the business, and is best suited for companies with revenues of $25 mm and above.

RBAR is a collaboration between BMas & Partners and Consumer Growth Partners (CGP), a private equity investment and advisory firm led by Richard Baum and Liz Dunn who bring extensive experience and expertise with retail and branded consumer products companies. 

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Reach out to start a more in-depth conversation on how RBAR can be leveraged at your company.  

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