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Manufacturing demand in the U.S. has been declining for the last several months even before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies need to move quickly in order to adjust and prepare so that they can operate under a different landscape.

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Some companies are seeing inventory levels rise, a situation that is likely to worsen as the global economy shutdown hits firm's upstream value chains. Slower inventory turns is impacting liquidity positions, forcing companies to take urgent measures to conserve cash and stabilize their business.


As owners and managers work through these issues, several strategic and operational questions should be addressed to maintain the long-term viability of the business:


  • Do we have a clear understanding of our cash flow drives and cash level position over the next quarter?

  • Should we rethink our value proposition in order to adapt to the new set of circumstances?

  • How do we best organize our sales force to survive the crisis and position ourselves to win more business as things stabilize?

  • How do we think about our portfolio of clients as some accounts may no longer be as attractive as they used to be? How can we support our best clients?

  • Do we have the right accounts receivable management strategy?

  • Are we making the best of use of digital tools and processes to save money, conserve cash and stay relevant for our clients? How can we improve?


We help manufactures of fabricated products, machines & components, and other engineered product producers, navigate challenges related to distress and insolvency situations, as well as redefine their growth strategy, organizational structure and business model.


Contact us to learn more about the ways we work together with clients.

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