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Turnaround & Restructuring

Our Turnaround & Restructuring services are laser-focused in helping companies to conserve and grow cash in order to support the business during distress situations and assist you in getting ready to return to profitability.

​We work together with your management team to perform rapid assessment and start executing against ideas within two weeks. At a high level, our turnaround and stabilization approach include three major steps:


  1. Assess situation and develop initial hypotheses

  2. Fine-tune opportunities and start executing

  3. Commence transition planning for medium and long-term

Depending on your specific needs, we can support you across a number of areas: 

  • Cash flow modeling and forecasting

  • Identification of turnaround opportunities and 100-day turnaround plan development

  • Credit facility refinancing

  • Development of schedules and DIP reporting 

  • Working capital optimization

  • Execution and project management office (PMO)

  • Interim CFO services

  • Preparation of presentation materials to support conversations with creditors

Contact us to learn more about our Turnaround & Restructuring services and other ways we can help your business today.

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